Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just beat it, part two

Someone certainly enjoyed his first pass at a mashed potato-coated beater.

And as she reads this, my mom will say to herself, "Debbie, what kid doesn't like to lick a beater?"

And to that I say, you're right, mom. But what I didn't expect was how delighted I would be to hand Charlie his very first beater. I know, it's ridiculous. But my mom knows her way around the kitchen, so I had my share of beaters back in the day. (And raw egg. And yet, I lived to tell the tale.) So I guess I viewed the old beater handoff as a right of passage. 

Mary Clare made short work of her very first sweet potato beater, and while Charlie was a smidge apprehensive at first, he soon got into it and licked that sucker clean. And then proceeded to stand by my side and chant, "Mowr. Mowr. Mowr." as I beat the second batch. (Fear not, Lindh family who will be eating the second batch—I washed the beaters in between. With soap and everything.)

Is it unnecessary? Yes. Slightly gross? Yes. But oh, so entertaining. So the beater licking will—must, even—continue. And when Chip's not looking, I'll sneak them the cookie- and cake batter-coated beaters. Because a mild case of samonella poisoning is also a right of passage, am I right?

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