Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Funny man, meet funny girl

I write occasionally about my brother in law Brian's parents because, hello, they're awesome. And that's not just because they buy our kids a lot of toys. Swear. The real reason I like them is because Brian's dad dad Steve reads the blog occasionally—and even comments. My own mom doesn't even comment.

So, you know, I try to make it a point to throw out the occasional mention of Papa Moo and Nana Pat. Got to give the people what they want and all.

Brian's mom Pat is incredibly sweet. And Steve, well, Steve is funny. Really funny, if you ask him. A few years ago, he was having a particularly funny streak, so he declared it his funniest year ever. That proclamation alone delighted me to no end.

It appears we have a mini Steve in our midst, because tonight at dinner Mary Clare announced, "I was funny all day." And with a wiggle of the hips and a wave of the arms she declared, "You can call me Funny Girl."

Steve, you have met your match.

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