Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A sippy cup and snack trap in every hand

Never one to pass on a good theme, I donned the kiddos in red, white and blue today in honor of election day. Mary Clare's ears are getting keener by the day, and lately she has been picking up on the names she hears on the regular when she's in the car with me. So we've been talking politics. Or at least the names of politicians.

Well, it seems that her dad got his wish and his firstborn might be a Republican. Last night on our way home she informed me that she would vote for "Ritt Rodddney," as would Charlie and Buddy. I asked her if she remembered who I planned to vote for today, and she said, "Yes. Rock Ohmama."

This morning she tried to tell me she would vote for both Ritt Rodddney and Rock Omama, but I told her that unfortunately, that's not the way it works and you have to pick your favorite. She stuck with Ritt. And informed me, as speaker of the house, that Charlie and Buddy would too be sticking with Ritt.

We'll soon see if the country follows the informal voting majority of the Lindh household. I, of course, hope that is not the case, but however it goes, let's just all try to get along. And do our best to make sure everyone gets their own sippy cup and snack trap. It's the American way.

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