Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tricks, treats and tantrums

Happy Halloween from Tinkerbell and her sidekick, the thoroughly peeved Peter Pan!

We took these photos last Friday night before heading to the kids' school for a fall festival. It had been a long day, and while Charlie does actually like putting on his Peter Pan gear, he wanted two things: to be held and to hold his sippy cup, snack trap and anything else he deemed worthy of his grasp.

Mary Clare, however, was loving it with a capital L. I mean, with a Nana Thole-made costume like that, how could she not?  

[she's got the Tinkerbell sass thing down pat]

[fancy clothes, a doting papa ... this is the stuff of dreams, people]

Charlie rallied for a bit, so we took a few more pictures and then headed to Childgarden for the big event. Everyone had a great time, Charlie included, but then the poor boy hit a wall as soon as we sat down at the Tap Room for dinner. Here's hoping that tonight goes a little more smoothly for our pal Peter Pan.

[agreeing to smile pretty so they can hurry up and get to the party]

 [adult eyes on the camera, kid eyes on papa]

 [a photo with the Peter Pan wrangler and the woman who made Halloween possible]

Oh, and fear not, mother of mine who spent 25+ hours sewing Mary Clare's silky frock—I will post more photos from the big event later this week. (And for the next few weeks for good measure.)

[pardon my wand, someone wants to take my picture]

I hope everyone has a great Halloween! 

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  1. DIBS ON MC's COSTUME! At this rate, it should fit Annie next year. Annie and Alex can have a cage match over who gets it.

    I cannot believe your mother made that. She is unbelievable.


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