Friday, October 5, 2012

Toys for all of us

These kids of ours, they do not lack for toys. I'm not sure how it happened, but now for each child's birthday, even the non-birthday kids get presents. And lots of them.

If we are going to blame someone, though, I think we should blame Pat, Sherri's mother in law. When Brennan turned two, in an attempt to make sure Mary Clare didn't miss out on the fun (or maybe as an excuse to buy something girly), Pat gave Mary Clare a small gift. Well, then my mom got in on the act. As did Brian's Aunt Nancy. So then Sherri and I had no choice but to join in the fun.

[there never was a more adored umbrella]

 [taking this picture was much more difficult and dangerous than one might think]

So now in addition to the haul the birthday girl/boy makes, each child goes home with a box full of gifts. I kid you not. This past Sunday we came home with an umbrella, six books, a stacking bath toy, a John Deere tractor toy, a Cinderella purse and an audio book/toy.

[be sure to keep the indoor rain off that bath toy]

[someone just noticed there are a stack of presents not for him]

Ridiculous. Completely ridiculous. But all carefully selected for each child and immensely appreciated and enjoyed. So will we stop? Probably not. And does it curb the jealousy? Well, it worked on everyone except Charlie. Not only did he hover as Alex opened her gifts, he threw himself down on her new tricycle every time it was unoccupied.

[don't mind me, just checking out what I'm going to steal next]

[riding her new trike, if only so her cousin can't]

[move your meat, lose your seat]

We'll give Charlie a pass for now since he's still little. But if it continues, we'll figure out an appropriate way to address the situation. Or we'll let Alex "no more bites" Jones take matters into her own hands. 

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