Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My blog, my kids

Who's up for an uber-lazy Instagram post? Well, you're in luck. Because here are some of my favorite phone photos from the past two weeks.

The good news is that I am not subjecting you to any food or beverage photos. The bad news is you are SOL if you don't like looking at my kids. (Who are awesome, so what is wrong with you? Seriously. So what if they have big teeth?)

Anyway, judging by this line-up, I would say that we were busy bees. It's this weather, I tell you. It makes you want to do stuff. However, lest you think our life is all sunshine and rainbows, I did not document the flu shots, perpetually runny noses, perpetually bruised foreheads, the crabbiness caused by an ear infection or the path of destruction left by a toddler who refused to nap. You're welcome.

[posing hard at the playground]

[approved weapon use]

[marking her territory]

[making art at the Historic Shaw Art Fair last weekend]

[babies like arting, too]

[but they like piloting river boats even more]

[one must carefully select one's plastic produce]

[Brennan and Papa Thole made a guest appearance at Mary Clare's school field trip]

[cousin cuteness ensued]

[the braiding is a work in progress]

[the winter-appropriate mouse ears were a huge hit]

Oh, these kids. I do love them. And their big teeth.

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  1. Stop it with the teeth, mom. They are the perfect little baby teeth, attached to the sweetest, healthiest Thole-Lindh babies ever!
    And I love the minnie hat, care to share where you found it? I have to little minnie fans here that would love nothing more to keep that hat on this winter!


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