Monday, October 8, 2012

Herd the bird

As you may have noticed, I actually had my photo editing A game going last week, and knocked out some photos that had been sitting on my camera for oh, a month. Such is the problem with super-sized photo cards. You can let the photos pile up like it's nothing.

Some of my favorites were taken when we were in Columbia in early September for the Mizzou game, and of those, the best are of Charlie doing—surprise, surprise—his own thing. Charlie bird does not take kindly to photo directions, nor the gentle coaxing of admiring ladies, nor anything that involves being safe, contained, still or cooperative.

But that's why we love him. For his spirit. And when he flashes those dimples, well, all is forgiven. 

Click here for the full set, which also includes adorbs (as their mother is wont to say) shots of the always photogenic Anna Lee and Charlotte Hehmeyer.

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