Wednesday, October 24, 2012

At least we didn't go with the one about the bear and the woods

I think I've mentioned before that Mary Clare's pronunciation is a bit off sometimes (narrl powrish, anyone?), and that she has some awfully funny ways of saying things. Chip and I talk about how we will be incredibly sad once her Ls no longer sound like Ws, and she no longer says "I not know that" when you tell her something new or she sees something she wasn't expecting. So, for now we are milking it for all its worth by making her our very own puppet.

Being a sarcastic household—the fact that we're Catholic is just a bonus—a favorite response to questions with obviously affirmative answers is, of course, "Is the Pope Catholic?" This past Saturday, I asked Mary Clare if she wanted a cookie after lunch, and since this was clearly a no-brainer of a question, Chip took it upon himself to teach Mary Clare what this saying meant, and how to say it. I played my part, and asked her a series of questions that would normally get a resounding yes.

Of course, we could never get her to say it correctly, even with coaching. But we did get some doozies:

  • Is the Pope a Pope?
  • Am I Catholic? 
  • The Pope IS a Pope.
  • Is the Pope immaculate?

We'll get there. Definitely by the time she starts Kindergarten, at least. I think it's an entry requirement, if I'm not mistaken.


  1. The Hehmeyers prefer "Does the Pope wear a funny hat?"

  2. And then you have to end it with, "... seven, eight, nine!"


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