Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A boy and his beans

Make no mistake about it, Charlie love his beans. Pork 'n beans, in particular, really do it for him. He not only snarfs them up, he smears them. Everywhere. Their saucy goodness ends up on his face, in his hair, in his ears, on his neck, down his shirt and everywhere in between. I don't know if he just gets so caught up in the moment that he can't control his hands or what, but I do know that it results in a huge sticky mess.

Oh, Charlie bird. When will you learn that bean bliss ...

... leads to the dreaded tag-team clean up crew.

Which, of course, leads to tears. Thankfully, those were not captured by Nana Thole. Although, it might be nice to have a picture of that because let me tell you, the boy can bring it.

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