Thursday, September 27, 2012

Big news about a big bed

Leave your judgments at the door, because what I'm about to write will either have you clapping your hands in admiration or shaking your head in disgust. But not surprise. Definitely not surprise.

When we kicked Mary Clare out of her nursery to wake way for baby numero dos in the spring of 2011, we decided to keep her in a crib, rather than making the transition to a big girl bed. Mary Clare was a great sleeper and since she had yet to attempt a jail break, we were hesitant to upset the apple cart. Our friends the Allamans were kind enough to lend us a crib that perfectly matched the existing furniture in her new room, so we decided it was a sign to keep her in the crib.

Well, Charlie arrived in June 2011, months and months passed, and Mary Clare continued to contentedly sleep in her crib. When I asked our friends and even our pediatrician if this was going to stunt her growth or set her up for some serious shrink time, they all said, "If it's not broke, don't fix it." So we continued to crib it, occasionally remarking to one another that surely it had to end soon, but my, what a good run we've had.

Well, the good run ended this past Sunday when Mary Clare appeared in the hallway shortly after being put down for her nap. There were hints that this escape was imminent—acrobatics on the crib rails, attempts to climb into bed by herself and countless escapes from the pack 'n play during our last hotel stay—but of course it still caught us off guard. And of course we still tried to put her back in her crib. Countless times. Quitters, we're not.

Luckily, the big girl bed and bedding was in the basement, just waiting for this day, so within three hours it was bye-bye crib, hello big girl bed. During the hourly daily Target run, I raided the dollar bins and came home with a stash of goodies, as well as a safety cover for her door knob, should we need to bribe her or lock her in her room. See, that's the great thing about keeping your child in her crib until she is just shy of her fourth birthday—it gives you ample time to prepare and pick the brains of other moms.

Well, we are now four nights into the big girl bed gig, and the bag of bribes and door lock remain untouched. We do reward her great sleeping each morning with three M&Ms (organic and vegan, natch), and so far that is keeping her snug as a bug in her bed until we wake her each morning.

Mary Clare is, of course, still on video surveillance. That we will never give up. Like ever. Well, until it becomes a privacy concern. But definitely not before third grade. 

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