Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tall teeth tales

So, it seems our little niece has been having some biting episodes of late. About two weeks ago Sherri sent me the first photo of Alexandra's daycare report detailing her incident. My favorite was the one with a note at the bottom stating "two more bites!" 

Brennan, ever the supportive brother, has been pulling for her since the first incident. In the evening when she picks up the kids from school, Sherri gets Brennan first and then they go to get Alexandra from her classroom. Brennan started off by saying, "Mom, maybe Alex had a good day today," and "I bet Alexandra got a sticker today!" Sadly, the incident reports are piling up and Brennan is not quite so positive these days. Last night when Sherri asked if he though Alex had a good day, he sighed and responded, "I don't know, mom. I doubt it." 

Alexandra, never one to really show remorse, is finally making an attempt to salvage her reputation. No, she's not cutting back on the biting—she's just trying to do some damage control. By lying.

Last night Brian picked up the kids from school, and when she got home, Sherri sat down by Alexandra and asked, "Alexandra, were you a good girl today?" Alex responded with an exuberant head nod, which abruptly stopped when Brian said, "Nooo ... I don't think so, Alexandra." At which point Alex turned to Sherri and said, "I bited." 

The biting, I should mention, is not necessarily unprovoked. I mean, if kids are going to push in line and put their feet up on Alexandra during story time,  then they need to be prepared to pay the price. Until she starts getting a little more respect in the classroom, I suspect there will be more "I biteds" to come. 

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  1. It's mean streets in these daycares for sure! Better to be the biter than the one bitten! I am sure these punks had it coming.


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