Thursday, July 19, 2012

Instagram update, just for you

I am at a loss of late about what to write. I think the unedited photos from Charlie's birthday parties (still on my camera and now almost a month old!) have left me paralyzed when it comes to TB.

So instead, I shall avoid the Nikon like the plague and use my old buddy Instagram to catch you up on our activities to date. My apologies in advance to the three super dedicated people who read both this blog and follow me on Instagram. I'm sure you understand.

 [Mary Clare made the acquaintance of one of my favorites, Shel Silverstein]

[Charlie took an epic poolside nap during our trip to Table Rock]

[new Nikes that renewed my faith in the comfort of tennis shoes]

 [figs that are mine, all mine]

 [there was an incident with a blender -- steri strips were applied, lessons were learned]

 [the kiddos logged quality time in their secret clubhouse, aka an Ikea tent]

[frat boy by day]

 [dumpster diver by night]

 [as always, we reap the rewards of our talented friends]

 [it's not summer without Grandma Sophie's pound cake, which puts the "pound" in "pound cake"]

 [cuddles and curls on the zoo train]

[a cheesy smile from the official zoo train waver]

[the craft cocktail experiment of 2012 continues, now with gigantic ice cubes]
So, really, nothing new. Cute kids, cake and cocktails. Not a bad way to spend the summer.

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