Thursday, July 12, 2012

Adoring and imploring glances

I'd like to think this is an adoring glance. But after six years together, I know this guy a little too well. What you see here is a silent plea for a treat. Or a Lab caught in a daydream about a home where they serve second breakfasts.

What there is no denying is that our Buddy boy is in fact getting more and more gray. It used to drive me nuts when Chip would call him Graybeard—not my puppy!—but there's no hiding it in this picture. After last month's dental cleaning, I had a nice, long chat with our vet, Dr. Betsy, and she informed me that our boy is now technically a senior. A senior! At seven! This both bothered and surprised me. Greatly.

So we made the move to a senior dog food with glucosamine, and yes, I started brushing his teeth. It is as awful and annoying as you think it is, but tooth decay is serious business in dogs. Buddy is still a smidge overweight, so I'm hoping that the combination of the lower calorie senior dog food and my commitment to taking him on a nice, long walk at least four days a week will pay off when it's time for his annual check up in November. Because there is nothing more shameful than having Dr. Ed pinch his love handles.

I need to see The Face for many more years. So here's to your health, Buddy! Whether you like it or not.

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