Wednesday, June 13, 2012

This guy

This guy is turning one this week. Can you believe it? I can't. I'm still coming to terms.

This guy is also walking—at his leisure, natch. It started over a week ago with a tiny little micro step that both Chip and I were lucky enough to see. And then he came home from school Tuesday with a note letting us know that he had taken a few more steps. He walked to Chip at school pick-up on Wednesday, and since then we have been able to coax a few steps out of him here and there. It is adorable to watch, and I need to get it on video, stat. I forgot how perfectly sweet those first steps are. The tentative lift of the leg, the flapping arms and the look of slight bewilderment that says, "Holy hell, I'm not holding onto anything and you are so far away! Let me at you!" And then the one last lurch until he reaches the safety of someone's arms. I love it.

Oh, Charlie. I'm not ready for you to stop being my baby, but I sure do love watching you learn all these new tricks.

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  1. Debbie - he is a poster child for precious little boys. I swear I want to eat him up and I have yet to meet the kid. He's adorable. Happy almost-one-year-birthday.


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