Thursday, June 7, 2012

A girl can dream

The other morning as I loaded the kids into the car, we heard the rumble of the trash truck coming down the alley. Like any kid, Mary Clare loves the trash truck. As soon as she hears it she rushes to the window and waits to watch it grab the dumpsters and hoist them into the air.

As I buckled Mary Clare into her seat, we talked about the trash truck. In great detail.

D: If we hurry up, we can pull out into the alley and see the trash truck working.
MC: What color is the trash truck?
D: You tell me. You know what color it is.
MC: Blue! No, pink!
D: Pink? Are you sure? I think it's going to be orange. 
MC: Yeah, it's orange.

And then, in this most hopeful-sounding, sweet little whisper you ever did hear, she said, "But maybe it's pink."


  1. Makes you want to go paint the truck pink uh?


  2. This is the sweetest ever. I will lobby for pink trash trucks on MC's behalf.

  3. I know, you guys. It was so cute. I almost felt like a dream crusher for telling her it was going to be orange.


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