Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Family phone dependent

It started last week when my parents took off for their two-week Ireland vacation. I would find myself going to grab the phone and realize that either because of the time difference or the international calling charges, my mom would probably not be thrilled to hear that Buddy had a successful teeth cleaning at the vet. Or that Charlie starts shaking his head from side to side as he makes his way to Buddy's water dish, even before I can tell him no. (Okay, that last one might have been worth a call. It is really cute.)

I remember going through the same parent phone withdrawal last year when they were in Italy right before Charlie was born. It's not that I have these lengthy talks with my mom every day, but I do talk to her a lot. Not to diminish the value of sharing tidbits of information or anecdotes about daily life, but it's more like quantity over quality when it comes to our chats. And with two kids clamoring for attention, I love that we can keep it short and sweet. 

So I squared my shoulders and soldiered on. And started calling my sister more.

But then Sherri went and left for a week-long Florida vacation. Not that I can't call her in Florida, but I am trying to be respectful of the fact that while she might be just as easily, if not more, accessible than usual, she is, after all, on vacation.

Sure, I could call Chip (more), but then he would be all "stop calling me every hour, I will see you at home, alright?" and never get any work finished. Or I could call my friends, but they have ridiculously cute, entertaining kids of their own, so what the heck do they care if Mary Clare spread out all of the stuffed animals in her room so she and Charlie could play tic-tac-toe? Only grandparents appreciate such things. And I certainly can't share any especially poor parenting moments with them, because, hello, those stories are for my sister's ears only.

So, I guess I will just sit here and count my rapidly increasing mobile-to-mobile minutes until they return.

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