Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cool beans


Our kids love beans. Which is pretty awesome. They are super easy to make, and I throw various varieties into all sorts of things. The only bean-related dish I can't get them to go for is hummus, but we'll get there. Oh, they'll like it, alright. One day they shall be slaves to the hummus just like me.

The other weekend when we were house sitting (i.e. squatting) at my parents' while they were in Ireland, I raided their pantry and served some baked beans with our pork steaks. The kids faces were delightfully dirty and a true testament to their love for all things bean. So, of course, I took pictures.

 [stealing the beans meant for her brother]

 [hello, she's stealing my beans ... put the camera down and stop her]

 [so lip-smacking good, the little thief could care less about her brother's plight]

Thanks for supplying the VanKamp's, mom. They were a hit.

(Oh, and yes, the kids most definitely ate dinner in their swim attire. Hello, we were on vacation.)

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