Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Circus Flora fun

This past Friday we took the kids to Circus Flora for the first time. It was their first circus, actually, and the first circus Chip and I have been to since we were kids.

It was opening night, and it was fun. (My Republican husband especially enjoyed the opening remarks from Mayor Slay and Charlie Dooley, and was seemingly serious about wanting to get a photo of our Charlie with county executive Charlie.)

 [mom can't compete with a guy on stilts]

[two out of three, sorta]

Politics aside, we had a grand old time in Grand Center. Circus Flora is St. Louis-born and bred, and includes a number of local performers. It's a small, one-ring circus, so it's not too overwhelming or the short set. The performers—besides being insanely talented—are great at charming and engaging the audience. It feels very cozy and family like. And how can you not love a unicycle-riding family of performers who is happily upstaged by their two-year-old, tutu-wearing daughter, whose only contribution is to walk out to center stage and raise her arms? I love stuff like that.

[super salty and oh-so-good]

Mary Clare's favorite part—besides the popcorn, of course—was Nino, the circus' sole clown. But even he was upstaged by his adorable mini me.

Long story short, you St. Louis folks need to go. Even with a wiggly baby bordering on meltdown, I am still happy we went. This is a circus at its finest.

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