Thursday, May 10, 2012

The pup photo shoot

Buddy, Buddy, Buddy. Sweet, patient (except at meal time) Buddy.

Our dear old Lab rarely gets the attention he deserves, and he rarely, if ever, gets any camera time.  Gone are the days when he used to be my best subject. Now I'm usually trying not to trip over him as I take pictures of the kiddos.

So when I went to order pictures for a family photo collage for Mary Clare's classroom, I wasn't all that surprised to find that the best photo I had of the old boy predated Mary Clare. I decided that I could do better than a four-year-old photo, so on Saturday I set out to take some new pictures of Buddy while the kids napped.

It was rough going at first. We were in the front yard, so there were countless distractions, and it was hotter than all get out, so he was panting like crazy. Which isn't such a good look. He finally calmed down, and after a few too many Gene Simmons-like tongue shots, I finally wised up and shouted "Treat!" right before snapping. Worked like a charm. I even managed to get one of our beloved head cock.

Oh, Buddy. We may not say it nearly enough, but we do love you so. Your fine photo on Mary Clare's family photo collage will make her the envy of her classmates.

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