Thursday, May 17, 2012

Oh, wonderful water table

This water table has stood the test of time. Or at least the test of three families and five children.

It was built by our good friend Anne Fleming's dad, Howard Jeffrie, for his favorite granddaughter and our favorite tween, Clare. After Clare outgrew the table, it went to the Muschick girls, Molly and Megan. Now that Megan is ready to start Kindgergarten (!) it was time for the water table to move along to the next set of kiddos. Mary Clare and Charlie were only too happy to inherit the table. 

[holy heck, that's real water in there]

The beauty of this baby is in the simplicity of its design. It's a varnished wooden frame sized to hold a standard plastic storage bin. There are two caster wheels on the front, so it is easy to scoot around, even when there is a water-filled tub on top. 

I bought two tubs, thinking that we could fill one with sand and one with water, but decided that a wobbly baby + a water table might not mix, so we filled both with water and Charlie partook of the water table action, sans table.

[no need for the table part of a water table]

[a splashing good time]

Oh, and remember how I said the beauty of this table is the simplicity of its design? I lied. The beauty of this baby is the fact that it kept both Charlie and Mary Clare entertained for an hour. Now that is solid design. 

I tip my hat to you, Mr. Jeffrie. Well done, sir. 

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