Friday, May 18, 2012


The other day, Chip was telling me that I don't have nearly enough online addictions. He was, sweet man that he is, concerned that I wasn't spending nearly enough time on email, on Facebook, on this blog. For him, the more social networking I do, the better. Plugged in time is quality partner and parent time in his book.

So I was only too happy to oblige when he suggested that I start using that Instagram account I set up when I got my iPhone a year ago. And now I am addicted. Just as he had hoped. So if your child or significant other also prefers that you spend more time with your computer or phone than you do with them, well, then, gosh darned it, you should get on Instagram as well.

I'm @debbiethole in case you want even more kid, dog and booze shots than you already get on Team Botanical. These have cool sepia effects and whatnot, so yes, it's totally different. See you there, fellow app addicts. 

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