Tuesday, May 22, 2012

If it's May, those must be Christmas pajamas

Mary Clare was almost a year old when she wore these babies, so you better believe when Charlie hit size 12 month sleepers, I busted out these red snowman beauties for him as well.

The poor boy hardly gets any new clothes (save for the custom-made clothes from Nana Thole), so why would pajamas be any different? I do at least draw the line at putting him in girl pajamas. Or at least Chip does. I would probably be okay with it. (Because, sigh, what a beautiful little girl he would make!)

But back to the pajamas and not about me cross dressing our infant son.

Clearance pajamas from Children's Place have never been so loved as they are between the Jones and Lindh cousins. They are cut nice and narrow, have zippers instead of snaps and wash well. However, Sherri and I determined that three kids is about the max for the Children's Place pajamas. Alexandra busted through the foot of a pair that both Brennan and Mary Clare wore, and hanging in Charlie's closet are a few pairs worn by all four kids that I am confident you can almost see through. But it's summer, so it's best to wear cool, lightweight clothing, yes? Even if the pattern would have you think otherwise.

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