Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Easter highlights

Since Easter was April 8, I'm going to go ahead and post our Easter photos on May 8. There is a method, my friends. And there are a lot of photos.

post-easter egg hunt photo with great grandma thole -- who just turned 94, i might add

pushing for all he's worth

intense egg coloring with nana thole

squeezing in a quick pre-church stroll

the easter bunny came

delighted by the cinderella cell phone

looking good in the neighborhood

reading, complete with sunglasses in hand

squinting and shadows make for the perfect family photo



content with his one egg

egg hunt, take two, begins

the wind is messing up her game

alex gets after it

questioning the need for all the photos

mary clare and baby alex

alex helps herself

mary clare and charlie

brennan and alexandra

made by nana, natch

good aunts give ukuleles

and john deere sticker books

Told you there were a lot.

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