Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Charlie, eleven months

Charlie, you little stinker. You are keeping us on our toes.

Charlie is everywhere these days, and when he moves, he moves fast. He crawls at breakneck speed, pushes everything and anything around the room, takes his sister (!) for rides his Radio Flyer walker wagon and now crawls up stairs. Quickly. He also pops up to a standing position and will hang out there for awhile before gracefully lowering himself to the floor. It's like having our very own prairie dog.

More and more sounds are coming out every day, but of course they are of the da-da variety, with nary a ma-ma to be heard. He makes this sweet little thh-thh-thh noise in the mornings when I am changing him, and laughs when I mimic him. Charlie also loves it when we cough, sneeze or try to scare him. There is a ridiculous amount of fake sneezing and coughing going on over here, because let me tell you, the belly laugh we get in return is well worth the germs we are spreading. 

Charlie's still wearing anything from a 3-6 month pants to 12 month outfits, although judging by the way his legs were dangling over the edge of his car seat, I think we will be out of those 3-6 month pants soon enough. Speaking of car seats, he now hates to be in his. It's a total wrestling/bribery/distraction circus trying to get him into his seat each morning. Once he's there, he's fine, but the big boy car seats we ordered last week can't get her soon enough.

The great table food experiment of '12 rages on, with Charlie proving to us that babies are indeed fickle creatures. Chicken, peas, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, grapes, ham, pear, scrambled eggs, cheese, sweet potatoes, noodles ... he loves you, he loves you not. So every dinner I dice up a little of this, a little of that, and he and his four teeth give it a go. And once that night's favorite is no longer on his tray, he squawks until Chip replenishes the supply. I'd call him the little dictator if his sister didn't already lay claim to that title.

While he's growing faster than I would like, Charlie is not above a good snuggle. Many nights I wait for him to fall asleep in my arms just so I can stare at those sweet little lips and curly wisps of hair. And when I carry him upstairs, he burrows into my shoulder and sighs. And I melt.

Check out the full April photo set and measly May set and see the sweetness for yourself. You shan't be disappointed.

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