Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And nary a water shot to be found

We went to Citygarden this past Saturday after being thwarted by Tilles (no water jet action until noon!). It actually worked out great. We were there early, so it wasn't too terribly crowded, and there were plenty of shady spots where Charlie and I could kick back while Mary Clare ran through the sprinklers and braved the stepping stones in the wading pool.

Much to Chip's delight, I forgot my camera—both cameras, actually—so I was stuck using my iPhone. The quality isn't great, but the photos are, of course, cute and funny. 

Because these are my kids, and everything they do is cute and funny. Sigh. Such is the mentality of a mother currently smitten with her offspring.

 [enjoying the action from the safety of the sidelines]

  [a blanket in the shade is even better]

  [no one is looking at the camera and it is particularly grainy, but I still consider this a good shot]

  [table for one]

  [lunch was good]

 [hey, mind if i hold on?]

[he's slightly scared, she's smiling for all she's worth]

Told you they were cute. And funny.

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