Thursday, April 5, 2012

Weekend before the next weekend


The poor old blog hit another dry spell this week. The blogging goes in waves, it seems.
But before we roll into the next weekend, I thought I better get these iPhone photos up from last weekend. Chip had some manly yard work duties to attend to this past Saturday (weed killing! lawn cutting!) followed by 18 holes of golf with his buddy Tyler, so the three kids and I hightailed it out to Highland for a day in the country.

Nana and Papa Thole were busy planting in the garden, and Mary Clare was only too happy to help. Of course, she preferred plowing with Papa to planting with Nana, but walking beyond a plow that your Papa is powering is way more fun than actually squatting down and planting potatoes and onions to Nana's satisfaction. That Nana Thole is a taskmaster.


Charlie surveyed the action from the comfort of his stroller, and I just stood by and soaked up the sun. No, really. I didn't do a gosh darned thing to help, except look up some seed packets in the Henry Fields' catalog. Just ask my mom. She'll tell you what a lazy lump I am when I'm out there.

We followed up the gardening work with a lovely lunch on the deck (in March!) lots of tricycle rides and some serious swing time. And while Nana Thole sewed tucks into all of Mary Clare's 3T shorts and pants, I shopped online and found even more things for my mom to sew and monogram for the kids. What can I say? I come by my taskmaster ways honestly.

Oh, and I know I'm going to hear from my sister about Mary Clare's gardening attire, so I'll just head her off at the pass. Yes, Mary Clare is wearing a skirt and brand new tennis shoes. In the garden. To be more precise, it's a complete pink Adidas tennis skirt and shirt combo, topped off by a pink Mizzou hoodie. What can I say, the kids don't have old clothes. And it's all because of the Hehmeyers (tennis ensemble) and the Mitchells (Mizzou hoodies). They're the reason our kiddos have such sporty gardening attire. Swear.  

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