Monday, April 30, 2012

Sew brave

Guess who got out her new sewing machine? That's right, this girl. All it took was five months of staring at the box and my mom making a series of increasingly serious-sounding threats about taking the machine back. Yes, the boxed machine was that intimidating. 

I took the machine along to my parents' house today, removed the beautiful Audrey from her box, threaded the needle and took a pass at trying out the various stitches, stopping/starting and even doing back stitches. I concluded the self-guided tour by sewing what Mary Clare referred to as a mouse pillow. I know it is silly, but I was quite proud of that little square of green. I don't know what will come next (actually attended the included lessons at Jackman's, perhaps?), but I am glad I finally took the leap.

Baby Lock steps, people. Baby Lock steps.

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