Sunday, April 15, 2012

Charlie, ten months

Our little drool monster is 10 months old today, and is now the proud owner of not one, but three teeth. Possibly four. It's hard to say if there are one or two through on the top, but either way, he is grinding those teeth for all he's worth. It's really quite horrible.

Charlie has spent the past month on the go. He continues to crawl—quite quickly, I might add—and has now settled into a pattern where he will do a traditional crawl if he's on carpet, but kick his left leg out if he is on tile or hardwood. True story, when my sister commented that he was crawling normally, my mom said, "Oh, but not on hardwood. Watch this." She then proceeded to take Charlie's toy and throw it onto the hardwood so he'd have to do his funky crawl to get it. That's right. Nana Thole treated Charlie like a retriever, and all for his aunt's benefit. I'd say more, but it's not like I stopped her. Sorry, Charlie. We'll do anything for a laugh.

He is starting to cruise from one piece of furniture to the next, but he's still a little timid in that department. Same goes for walking behind his push toys. He loves it, but you have set him up and get him started. And then hope that he doesn't get distracted. Poor Mary Clare has been stranded in the little Radio Flyer push wagon more times than she would care to remember.

And how is Charlie using all this new-fangled mobility? To get into everything, of course. If he's not pulling a plug out from behind our bed he's knocking down picture frames, pulling on table runners or trying to get into the refrigerator. Wild. He's wild, I tell you. The glint in his eye doesn't lie.

We're working on getting more table food in front of Charlie, and let me tell you, he doesn't like it. Unless it's a puff or a Cheerio, he will pick around it and then patiently wait for you to replenish his tray with more carbs. Those blueberries and peas and other little bits of food can sit there all day, for all he cares. Luckily his mom is tenacious in the food department. I can just tell I'm going to have battles with this boy.
I still have a boatload of Easter and other April pictures to upload, but I'm proud (finally!) to say that I am back in the photo taking game. Check out the March set and April set (to date) if you are so inclined.

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