Thursday, March 29, 2012

Parking it

This weather. Oh, this weather! It's glorious. Never mind that it is March. In St. Louis. We're not asking questions. We are, however, taking full advantage of Mother Nature's kindness and going on all sorts of walks and park visits of late.

I must say, I am becoming quite the park connoisseur. With two kids and sometimes the Lab along for the ride, you have to take into account all sorts of things. Is there a Starbucks nearby? Are there bathrooms? Are the bathrooms nearby? Are they open this early? Is the park enclosed? Do they allow leashes on headstrong toddlers? Does it have a surface that Charlie won't eat? And once again, tell me about the bathrooms! Are there bathrooms and how fast can I get Mary Clare to them? (Seriously, there is something to be said for having your kid in diapers. Well worth the money, if you ask me.)

Thankfully, Tilles delivers on all counts. Totally worth the drive. And once they turn on the pop jets, you can find us there. We'll be the ones by the bathrooms.


  1. Call me next time! We are Tilles lovers as well:)

  2. Tilles is totally worth the drive - we even brave it from Wildwood sometimes!
    - Tracy


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