Friday, March 16, 2012

Magically exhausting

Two weekends ago, we did the unthinkable: We took the kids to the Magic House. We did, however, wimp out and go after afternoon naps, so grand total, we were probably there for all of 90 minutes. And it was enough. For all of us.

The place is amazing. Overwhelming, but amazing. More than twice as big as the Magic House of our childhood, but with the space comes the crowds. I would consider the late afternoon time to be non-peak hours, but it was still plenty packed for our tastes. Mary Clare didn't really have to wait to do anything, though, so I shouldn't complain. She had a ball trying out everything and was especially keen on the mini grocery store. And sweet, patient Charlie, well, he just loved taking in all the action.

And since Chip and I insist on having just as much as the kids, afterwards we went to Dewey's Pizza. The pizza and beer(s) were truly delightful. And well deserved.

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