Thursday, March 15, 2012

Charlie, nine months

Nine months! And just as handsome as ever.

Charlie's motto for the past month has definitely been onward, upward. He is crawling around like a crazy man, usually with one leg kicked out to the side. Extra points for flair, I say. He pulls himself up on everything and everyone, and is particularly fond of standing tubside while I shower. This morning he squawked when I tried closing the curtain, so he went to school with freshly washed hair.

And, hold onto your hats, but we have a tooth! Last Tuesday a tiny little tooth finally cut through on his bottom gum. He is likely cutting more, as he's back to waking me up at least once a night. At least I hope it's teeth.

Other than the crawling, climbing and teeth cutting, not much else is new with our Charlie bird. But I guess that's enough, for one month, isn't it?

Slowly but surely, I'm getting back into the photo taking game. Check out the February set and March set (to date) for more photos of the kiddos.

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  1. He is handsome indeed! And teeth! Yay! I am so jealous of his top gums. I can't ever see Annie's and it is starting to drive me crazy. She might have a full set of chompers up there for all I know. I try to pull back her top lip to see what's doin' but that's very rarely a success. Babies don't like you pulling on their faces. Who knew?


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