Wednesday, February 8, 2012

While we're on the subject of praying

It seems little Alexandra could use some of our prayers. Fear not, she is healthy as a horse and just as happy as ever. What she is not, I fear, is patient. 

For weeks Brian and Sherri have been getting reports from school that Alexandra sometimes tries to steal her friends' food, has trouble sharing, is prone to wrestling with her classmates and yes, will even sit on her peers from time to time. 

So, yes. My niece is a bully. (But a very cute bully.)  

Upon her arrival home last night, Brennan greeted Sherri with a curt, "Mom, Alex was bad at school today." 

The daily report from Alexandra's teacher confirmed it:

Alexandra has been bad about pulling on her classmates' shirts, lying on them and being forceful. It makes them and Alex sad.

So, while I don't like to see that my little niece is sad, or a bully, I'm sorry, but that sh*t is funny.  


  1. I could not love more the "lying on them" portion of her 'bad' behavior. Awesome!

  2. The girl is all about using her chub to her advantage. Apparently there is another little boy who likes wrestling around as well, but Alexandra outweighs him. She wraps up their bouts by lying on him, and she won't budge, even after he starts crying for help.

  3. Must be the Thoele side coming out of her. My boys never got in trouble at school.

  4. Sounds like Alex's class just needs a "safe word"...or how to tap out. Don't they teach these things in school any more?

  5. I say the other kids need to get tough or get out. Stop being whiny just because the chubby girl is sitting on you. Nut up, toddlers!

  6. I agree Amanda - what kind of sissies are they trying to raise? And despite what the report said, I don't really think it makes Alex sad. I think she could probably care less...



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