Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My match

Two posts in one day! It looks like I am feeling the love today as well. 

Every Valentine's day, I receive a cute little email from the Mizzou Alumni Association reminding Chip and I that we are a Mizzou match. Even though we didn't know one another while we were at Mizzou (still not sure how that happened), I do love being a Mizzou match. And I do love my matchee.

Happy Valentine's day, dear husband. You're grrrrreat.

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  1. ... and I just looked at the picture more closely.

    I will take one for the team and admit that I am more likely the tiger licking its leg because it did something like ran into a wall that has been there for six years. And Chip is the tiger laughing at me.

    Now that's love.


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