Friday, February 3, 2012

Muriel, the most beautiful princess of them all

Considering he works in sales, I find it somewhat baffling that Chip is terrible with names. I mean, he's downright horrible. As in I frequently have to tell him the names of his extended family members and their spouses. Yet he does well at his job. Maybe it's the name badges everyone wears?

So it was no surprise that when Mary Clare started getting into Sesame Street,  Chip needed some help with the character names. I will admit to frequently getting Zoe and Abby Cadabby confused (they are new, after all), but we're a year in, and Chip is still hard pressed to tell you who is Ernie and who is Bert. Don't even ask him to name Snuffleupagus.

Well, as you can imagine, if the Sesame Street characters were a problem for a boy who grew up on Sesame Street, then the Disney princesses are a really big problem. Chip can identify Cinderella and Belle 95 percent of the time, and he usually knows which princess goes with which movie, but it's never good when Mary Clare puts him on the spot and asks him to name the princesses. 

So you can imagine how entertained I was when Chip told Mary Clare that her new red-headed princess doll is named Muriel. 

Ah, such a pretty name. What little girl wouldn't want to be Princess Muriel?

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