Friday, February 17, 2012

Her turn

We got a small taste of the green-eyed monster Wednesday night while we were taking Charlie's eight month photos. In all honesty, Mary Clare was perfectly patient and helpful. She just really wanted to be in the photos. Unfortunately, by the time we were ready for her to join Charlie, he was over it. While the combination made for comical photos, it did make Mary Clare a little sad. The poor thing just wanted to take some pictures with her brother. And you can see how well that went.

So even though we were well past bedtime, I told her we would go take some photos just of her.

Boom! Just like that her face lit up, and she said, "In my room. Come, mommy!" and raced off down the hall. I entered her room and found her carefully seated in her rocking chair. I started taking photos, but just like that she jumped up and informed me she needed a book. So there she sat, reading away while I snapped a few pictures. The lighting is horrible and she is grimier than all get out, but it was really too sweet for words. So I'm sharing.

I should also note that this may very well be the first time since babyhood that a picture of a bow-less Mary Clare has appeared on the blog. Let's all take a moment to recognize the bow that gets tossed during play time every day, never to be returned to those smooth brown locks until the next morning when her mother places it with great care (and hope) in her hair once again. Sigh. Clearly, those kids in her new classroom are a bad influence.


  1. MC looks so much like you in the last pic Debbie.

  2. Andy, I'm pretty sure my sister would also say that there are similar photos of me "holding" her just like Mary Clare is holding Charlie.


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