Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Have headband, will sing

Chip and our neighbor Don swapped out the television and all of the components in our living room armoire on Saturday. It was an undertaking. And one best done without the assistance of a three-year-old with incessant questions and an eight-month-old who just wants to crawl, preferably up your leg.

So, Mary Clare, Charlie and I retreated to the second floor while Chip and Don wrestled wires and plugged and unplugged everything countless times. Mary Clare quickly became bored with the laundry game (I have to try), and she wasn't up for Charlie destroying everything she tried to build with blocks, so I asked her if she wanted to do a short video to send to Brennan.

One video quickly turned into five, and the more time she spent performing, the more she loved herself. Seriously. If you listen closely to the second video, at the very beginning she whispers "I beautiful," to her reflection.

I just don't know what to say. But alarming as it is, I cannot help but admire her self confidence. And apparently Charlie cannot help but appreciate the entertainment value. Love his hearty little chortles.


As for the subject matter -- priiincessss, priiincesss -- well, what four-year-old boy wouldn't go cuckooo to see his little cousin flounce around and sing about all things royal. Poor B. Pretty sure he was underwhelmed by Mary Clare's performance.


  1. She is so funny. Next time I see her I expect a performance.

  2. I also admire MC's confidence and large arm waving motions. You are pretty good, too, with your quiet but firm "Come away from the mirror" admonitions.


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