Sunday, January 15, 2012

Charlie, seven months

My, oh my, how things change in just a month's time. Charlie has mastered sitting up, and now he will even gracefully lower himself from sitting to his stomach so he can go after toys and whatnot. When he is on his belly, he either scoots himself everywhere or boosts himself up on all fours and starts rocking. It takes every bit of willpower I have not to push him back down. I am not ready for my baby to crawl, thankyouverymuch.

And, as you can see, not only is he hard to keep in one place, once he sets his sights on something, look out. That sign never stood a chance.

Another month, and still no teeth, but he seems to do just fine with the biscuits and other wafer like things we give him. We tried puffs last week, but they either end up stuck to his face or we find them down his shirt sleeves when we change him for bed. Charlie is taking more of a liking to solids, and of course the sweeter fruits and vegetables are his favorites. I'm afraid he's not going to be the pea lover that his sister is.

The laughing is cuter than ever. It is ever so entertaining to see what will send him into fits of laughter. Today it was a sneeze from me, which led to all of us, including Mary Clare, faking sneezes just so we could keep him laughing. It's that good. He babbles just as much as ever, and this past week he started saying "ba ba ba ba ba." And once he starts on the "ba ba ba" streak, there's no stopping him. This, too, freaks me out, as the next thing you know he will be saying, "ma ma," closely followed by "Mama, stop trying to feed me these damn peas." 

As I mentioned last week, I am woefully behind with editing and uploading photos, But just to keep it official, here is the seven month/December set. You will notice that the last photo added is from his six month photo shoot. Yikes. It's worse than I thought. Nevertheless, I hope to get December rounded out and January started this week.

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