Tuesday, December 6, 2011

St. Nick surprise

As you may remember, St. Nick's day is a big deal in our family.

This is the first year that Mary Clare is old enough to somewhat understand the concept. Does she get that St. Nick is a Catholic saint and different from Santa Claus? Definitely not. She did, however, seem to understand that if she set out a pair of her shoes by the door, St. Nick would leave a gift for her. So last night she carefully picked out a pair of her shoes and a pair for Charlie, and we placed them by the front door (which I immediately regretted because ugh, the lighting).

This morning we walked downstairs and a big smile crossed her face when she saw the goodies in each of their pairs of shoes. And then she just looked at it. And looked some more.

Chip and I had to tell her that it was okay to touch everything because it was for her and Charlie. And then she went for it.

Mary Clare just started watching children's movies on TV, so she was excited to see the "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" DVD. Being a child, though, her favorite gift was the pair of Santa socks from the Target $1 bin. Of course. (My first Christmas, I played with a metal Band-aid box and a deck of cards while a mound of toys sat untouched behind me. So my parents will undoubtedly be pleased to see that the cycle continues.)

Since Charlie isn't sitting up yet it was a little hard to get him in on the action, but Mary Clare made sure to show him all of his gifts. She's thoughtful like that. But likely she was also eyeing them to determine which item she would most like to steal from him.

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