Friday, December 23, 2011

A legit photo session

We had our family pictures taken in October by the kind and patient Nancy Williams, and well, it was not one of those sessions where the stars aligned. We did them outdoors, and it was windy, cooler than I thought and both of the kids were tired. And had runny noses. And the Kleenex were in the car.

Despite all of these hurdles, Nancy still managed to get some adorable pictures, including the one we used on our Christmas card. However, we didn't really get a great picture of the two kiddos together, much less one of all four of us.

Because she is kind, patient and maybe a bit of a perfectionist (love that!), Nancy and her wedding photography partner, Pam, offered to come back to our house for round two. And I'm so glad they did. It was one of those days where the stars aligned. There was light in our dark house, both kids were in good moods, and even though Mary Clare was over it by the end of the hour, they were able to capture her personality, sass and all.

And, oh, my baby boy. Those eyes. Those lashes. He's a beaut.

Chip and I didn't intend to have our photos taken, but Nancy and Pam insisted, and now I'm glad that we jumped into a few shots. We may not all be perfectly coordinated, and of course that kills me, but we have so few opportunities to have our photo taken together that I can look past the casual wear.

Of course, all of these great photos of the kids in their holiday attire (made by Nana Thole, natch) threw me into a tailspin. I had already ordered and received my Christmas cards, but my love for these photos had me seriously contemplating scrapping all 150 cards and starting over. Even Chip was on board, and that was after I told him the associated costs. It was only a lack of time and knowing that I would make myself crazy trying to design, order and address new cards that kept me from pulling the trigger. It still makes me a little sad. But sharing them with you makes me happy.

So plan on seeing more photos from this session pop up in the next few days. They deserve their due.

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