Tuesday, December 13, 2011

His mother's son

My sister Sherri and I share a lot of similarities. A sense of humor, similar parenting styles and, of course, stunningly good looks. Where we aren't similar is in our organizational styles. My organizational style borders on OCD, and Sherri's is, well, let's just say she lacks a style altogether. It is a running joke in our family, with Sherri having the last laugh because hey, the girl makes more money than I do. So she's doing something right. 

However, now that Sherri is a parent, we are all enjoying the fact that she is now dealing with someone who isn't very particular about the location of his belongings either. 

Take, for example, Sherri's recent conversation with Brennan:

S: Brennan, do you have any idea where your shoes are?
B: Probably somewhere.

Brennan may not have his shoes, but the does have an answer for everything. 

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