Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hallmark, take note

Motherhood, like a lot of other things, is often a thankless task. However, there are those moments—the impromptu hugs, the declarations of love—that make every headache and tantrum worth it. Sherri had one of those moments on Sunday.

As Sherri wiped Brennan's bottom following an epic deuce—yes, we're going there—he turned to her and said, "Mom, you do a good job of wiping my butt. Daddy doesn't always do a good job and then my butt itches, but you always do a good job, mommy." 


  1. Quite possibly the best way to start the morning! Nothing like precious potty humor. Thank you Brennan!

  2. If that's not a declaration of love I don't know what is!


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