Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Charlie, five months


Today marks five months with our happy little guy. The extreme cuteness continues—dueling dimples, anyone?—and now we are getting to see more and more of his personality. Charlie is easygoing, right up until the point where we know we are pushing our luck, and then look out. The boy can only take so much.

Charlie loves to watch Mary Clare go about her business, and thankfully he doesn't mind her increasingly exuberant hugs and kisses. Let's just say that to a five month old, getting a hug from Mary Clare is close to a full-body contact sport. Without the appropriate gear and padding.

He laughs at the silliest things, is beyond ticklish and loves to be scared. Yes, he loves to be scared. Well, except for the other night when I really did startle him and his lower lip quivered for a bit before breaking into a huge smile. Fear not, his big sister admonished me, "Don't scare Charlie like that, mommy. Idon'tlikeit."

When we're not startling Charlie, we're watching him flip himself to and fro. This past Saturday he finally rolled from his back to his front, and has been doing so non stop. Especially when he's in his crib, which is so not awesome. But, oh, the look of pride on his face!

A good amount of chub is accumulating on his thighs, and his round little belly delights me to no end. Which might explain why he excitedly tracks his evening bottle and grabs at it with gusto. The chub must be replenished, you know. He also discovered his feet this month, and if his socks are off, his pigs are in his mouth. Note to self: Get this on camera and video ASAP, because the toe love is fast and fleeting. And utterly fantastic.

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