Friday, November 11, 2011

The big five

Dearest Husband,

I've been thinking for awhile now about what I would write to commemorate five years of marriage. So much has changed in our lives since the day we married. We have two children and a Lab, we've traveled together a bit, we've replaced nearly everything in our home and we've refinanced twice, for heaven's sake. And yet, despite the massive changes that life and two children can bring, everything seems the same. 

People often thank their spouses for putting up with the insanity or joining them on a wild, crazy ride. That's not us, though. We're too even keel. Too type A. Too us. So if life seems the same a year or five years from now, well, that's fine with me. Because it's a pretty good life. 

Loves you,

The Wife

P.S. How about that anniversary date? Five years on 11.11.11. Not bad. Not bad at all.  


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!! So type A of you plan the 5th anniversary on the 11s.

  2. I was wondering if it was a *special* anniversary. Five years -that's great. Congratulations!
    - Tracy

  3. Congratulations! You guys have had a busy 5 years. Gorgeous photo!


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