Friday, October 28, 2011

That's one great grandma right there

This past weekend we threw caution to the wind and took the kiddos on a road trip to Chicago to visit Grandma Lindh. (That's Great Grandma Lindh to Charlie and Mary Clare. And some 40+ other children, for that matter.)

Despite having a four-month-old who seems to like car rides less and less with each passing day, and a nearly potty trained two-and-a-half-year-old, the drive went pretty well. We had two stops on the way up, and one on the way back. Bless you, children. And bless you, iPad.

But enough about the car ride. The highlight, of course, was spending time with Grandma Lindh. Who, I must mention is 101 years old. Yes. You read that right. She's 101. Look at the woman. Sure, she may only come up to my elbow, but she motors around just fine and is sharp as a tack. She is a Democrat through and through and opinionated as all get out. Naturally, I love her.

Since Grandma Lindh lives with Chip's Aunt Mary and Uncle Jim, we also got the chance to spend some quality time with them as well. Mary and Jim have a few grandchildren of their own, so Mary Clare was in hog heaven with all of the new toys. And when Uncle Jim put on "Finding Nemo" for her, well, I'm surprised she actually left with us that night.

Our kiddos are beyond fortunate to have not just one, but two great grandmothers -- Chip's Grandma Lindh and my Grandma Thole. My great grandparents were long gone by the time I entered this world, so this is truly special. Let's hear it for longevity on both sides of the family!


  1. 101? She doesn't look a day over 75! That is amazing! I am so glad to hear that Grandma Thole is still doing well. I always enjoyed Sherri's stories about their visits.

  2. I am so behind on TB. I'm enjoying the photos as always, and WOW, Granmda Lindh is truly inspiring. She looks beautiful (as do the kiddos, of course).
    - Tracy


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