Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin patch prima donna

We went to Eckert's this past Sunday morning for our buddy Grayson Yank's fourth birthday party. Mary Clare was all over the tractor ride, but once we disembarked from the wagon, she was a smidge ambivalent about the patch itself. The pesky vines and mounds kept getting in her way, and she was more intent on keeping up with her friend Jack than she was on finding a pumpkin.

When we did get her to focus on the pumpkins, she declared every one we presented to be "too dirty" or "dat messy." Our pal Laura Megargel finally came through with a pumpkin clean enough to please Miss Priss.

And once we had our pumpkins in hand, I was able to snag a picture of the kiddos kicking back in the pumpkin patch. Just like God intended. 

After the cake and pinata, the kids set off to try out some of the rides. Chip and I were certain there was no way Mary Clare would set foot on one, but she surprised us by contentedly riding the first one she saw.  She was very serious about the whole matter. And she most definitely couldn't be bothered by our loud cheers and energetic waves.

I then went on the miniature buccaneer ride with Mary Clare and little Meredith and Allison Maher. The kids did fine, but well, just looking at the pictures makes me nauseous.

Clearly, the first one was taken before the ride started. You can tell this not only from the smile on my face, but from the way Mary Clare is clutching the center bar. Because let me tell you, by the end of the ride, I was feeling sicker than all get out and Mary Clare was clutching me. But those Maher girls, they were champs. In fact, I think I may have heard Allison tell me to suck it up at one point. (Okay, Allison isn't even two years old, so she didn't really say that. But her eyes did.)

All in all, it was another great Yank birthday party, and the perfect kick off to the pumpkin patch season.

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