Monday, October 31, 2011

Lost: one sheep

Happy Halloween from Little Bo Peep and her handsome devil of a sheep. Once again, we have Nana Thole to thank for another round of awesome costumes.

After the costumes were made, there was a momentary panic when Mary Clare declared that she wanted to be a "pincess" for Halloween, but after describing her hat and dress, we realized she was talking about her Little Bo Peep costume. Whew. Crisis averted.

Then, of course, Charlie grew another chin this past week, so the sheep hat just fits. As my mom likes to say, when sewing for our kids, she always has to remember to go down one pants size and up one head size. We're  not sure how we feel about that. The truth hurts, I guess. 

The next hurdle, of course, was getting a photo of Little Bo Peep and her sheep together. And that went about as well as can be expected. When we weren't straightening Charlie in his bumbo seat, we were trying to protect him from his staff-wielding sister. 

Little Bo Peep was eventually relieved of her staff. At which point she decided to take a load off and join Charlie on the bumbo seat because the grass, as she put it, was "too spicy."

Yeah, I really don't know what to say, either. And they're my kids.


  1. Everyone should have a Momma Thole. Those are the cutest costumes ever!

    I have heard the grass in the city is spicy.

  2. These photos are too cute! And I love your description of the picture taking process. We weren't able to get a photo of our kids together. Although, their costumes don't go together so it's ok. My son did say that his sister was Little Red Riding Hood Dr. Watson though. So, maybe they do go together.

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