Sunday, October 30, 2011

In search of the seven

Yesterday HRH Mary Clare had the pleasure of attending a princess themed birthday party for Meredith and Allison Maher at the Faust Park carousel. Seeing as little Snow White was going on all of a 10-minute nap, it's no surprise that she wasn't up for taking photos. She did, however, thoroughly enjoy the carousel and went for a whopping four rides. Four very long rides, if you ask Chip.


While Mary Clare may not know who Snow White is, she knows for damn sure that she is a princess. She made that abundantly clear to Chip after he called her Snow White.  "I not Snow White, daddy," she said. "I a pincess!"

Trou-ble. And we're totally aiding and abetting.

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  1. As much as I know it pains you to take the princess plunge, Mary Clare really wears it well.
    - Tracy


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