Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hug you?

In the mornings, Chip and I divide and conquer. I feed and change Charlie while he awakens and responds to Mary Clare's list of morning demands. Then we each lock a kid in the bathroom with us while we shower. Charlie chills in the papasan during this time, which means that showering for me is a fairly peaceful, albeit hurried, event. The same cannot be said for Chip, who spends most of his shower time fielding questions from Mary Clare as she sits on the potty reading her books, with the occasional break for rummaging under the sink.

As I was drying off this morning, there was a knock on my bathroom door, followed by, "Mommy! Mommy! I nake-y. I nake-y. Open the door, pease!" I opened the door, and in trots a pants-less Mary Clare (welcome to the glamorous world of potty training, my friends).

After Mary Clare, her books, her milk and her Cheerios are safely ensconced in my bathroom, I continued to get ready. As I'm drying my hair, I heard the following:

"Charlie, I hug you? I hug you? Say yes, Charlie Lindh. Say yes."

So, after the wave of love washed over me, I reminded Mary Clare that Charlie can't talk yet (and likely will never be given the chance) and told her I was sure he would love a hug. And hugs he received, as well as a few kisses and the pleasure of having his socks removed and put back on multiple times. You're welcome, little buddy.

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