Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy -- besides the kind smiles from strangers and the free pass to eat your weight in pastries -- is how thick and awesome my hair gets. As my hair is usually thin and prone to going flat at the first sign of precipitation, I found pregnancy hair to be utterly fantastic.

Alas, my time with a somewhat thick head of hair is rapidly drawing to a close. I am, I fear, going through the dreaded postpartum hair loss. Ugh. The same thing happened after Mary Clare's birth, and while I have yet to sprout a brand new set of bangs, it's not any more fun this time around the block.

As if dealing with a post-pregnancy body isn't already a barrel of laughs, I'm now shedding 100+ hairs a day. God is so a man.


  1. blasted! You beat me to this topic. I think I am on the tail end of this and it is DIS-GUS-TING! Annie is always covered in my hair and I have a BALD SPOT on my temple. Sweet!

  2. I'm still going through it and Reese is 19 months old. Yet ANOTHER reason to recreate again.

  3. Procreate. Or recreate. Same thing, right?


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