Thursday, September 29, 2011

You handsome

Mary Clare loves Charlie. Right now, she is so loving and sweet to him that my heart melts on an hourly basis. It's sickening, I know, but I have to document it now so in six weeks, six months and six years from now, I can remember that yes, indeed, she did at one time dote on her little brother.

The most recent bout of cuteness came after Mary Clare opened a thoughtful gift from our family friends, the Bodinets. It was a three-piece outfit with a shirt that simply stated, "handsome." After asking me what it said, Mary Clare brought the shirt over to Charlie, stuck it in his face and said, "You see that, Charlie Lindh? You see that? You handsome, Charlie Lindh. You handsome."

And Charlie just smiled away, basking in his sister's attention. And because he knew the shirt doesn't lie.


  1. Not surprisingly I figured this was finally a follow up post about me but I guess this story is an acceptable substitute.

  2. Well that melted my heart. Love Love Love.

    Keep on bein' one proud momma.


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